Did I say “soon”?

So… yeah…

Things got out of my control (“control” being an illusion anyway) and I wasn’t able to go with my plans I talked about in my last post. Like I always say in my podcasts, life and reality have to come first. Take care of the stuff you gotta take care of, then work on all that “hopes and dreams” stuff. Just don’t forget that you have to make time for the hopes and dreams!

Moderation, right?

At any rate, the time is now the right time for me to do just that. So like I said in that post last June, new stuff is coming. And now it really is coming soon.

  1. I’m back to working on my novel. – A modern fantasy with a more Buddhist “your choices matter” kind of take instead of the traditional fantasy “you have to be some kind of chosen one” *cough*messiah*cough* take. I’ve been world-building for several years and hope to have a short-story based in it online within the next couple of weeks.
  2. Bad Buddhist Radio will be returning. Sort of. – I’m rewriting all the old podcasts to make them shorter and sharper, and I plan on turning them into both a vidcast (Bad Buddhist Video? Bad Buddhist TV?) and a podcast.
  3. I’m back to doing my artwork. – Which I also will be posting here.
  4. I’m back to tabletop RPG design. – Not certain what I’m going to be doing with it yet.

It’s a whole new start and a little bit frightening. But the long and short of it is that I’m finally going to try to make a living with my creative work. There are some things I have planned and other things I’m going to do for no other reason than “I feel like it right now.”

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